Saturday, August 15, 2015


June 22, 2015

Hi everyone!

So transfer meeting is tomorrow aaaaaaaannnddd....................... I will be staying here and training a brand new missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SUPER NERVOUS AND FEEL VERY UNDERQUALIFIED AND AM MORE THAN A LITTLE WORRIED.  And Sister Montgomery leaves on Wednesday = sad face. We went up to Santa Monica twice this week. Once for the departing temple trip and for the departing interview. I was in the Visitors Center for the afternoon on Friday. There were no people until right before they came out of the temple.  And on Saturday there were TONS of weddings going on. Lots of people at the temple/on the grounds. Her departing missionary fireside was last night and that was cool. Lots of people there too. But it's okay I guess. I am glad I got to be her companion and I know she will do great! I only hope I can be as good of an example to others as she was to me. I have a looooooooooooooooonnnngg way to go.

As far as dinner goes, we come home and have 1 hour to cook/eat and whatever else. We haven't had many appointments since I have been here, but hopefully that changes soon. We have a super sweet investigator named Adriana and we had a great lesson with her on Saturday too. We are trying to get more appointments with people that they met before I got here, but everyone is sick or doesn't answer when we call or stop by.

It decided to get VERY hot this week. I am lathering the sunscreen and downing the water. We don't do too much walking, thank goodness. But it's just enough. I am thankful I am not in Virginia like my MTC missionaries.

I think that's about it for this week. It should be an exciting and interesting week. Pray for me! I know you do, but I'm going to need all the help I can get to train a new missionary. I hope I don't ruin her! 

Sister Lauren Hatch :)

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