Saturday, August 15, 2015

Temple Trip

July 6, 2015

We had zone conference on Wednesday and it was really good. We talked about the importance of mighty prayer in this work. It has definitely helped me do better at prayers and really taking time to talk WITH God and not just TO him. It has been a work in progress, not that my prayers were horrible but they could always be better. That among many other things was something we discussed at zone conference.

The other cool thing is that we get to go to the temple on Thursday! Our session is at 6:45 am though, which will be tough, but at least we won't have to worry about traffic! That's always nice.

So as a trainer you learn a lot about every single thing that you do wrong. It's rough and there have been several days where I am just not feeling great about things. It doesn't help when you don't have any set appointments or all of the plans you have fall through, but I'm learning to trust Heavenly Father more. That is also a work in progress. President Weidman gave me a great book called Believing Christ, which I would encourage you to look up. It is a really good book that has helped me understand the Savior more and has helped my point of view. This and reading in the New Testament about Christ is helping me to improve my relationship with him (I hope).

Also, this week there was a weird storm, and a random loud, huge thunder and lightning! We only saw and heard one, but apparently farther inland there was a big storm. That was neat because I haven't seen any of that in a long time. Also, there are train tracks in this area, and I have seen a couple of trains! Also something I haven't seen for a long time.

This week we are going to be doing a lot of finding and visiting members to get them out with us to work. Tricky sometimes when there are young moms and old ladies :/ but we will figure it out. I am so thankful that for once, I am not the boss of this work. Heavenly Father only knows how much of a train wreck that would be! HAHAHAHAHAHA. But really though.

I love you all very much and am so thankful to have a wonderful family like you. I hope that your week goes well and that you are enjoying your summer break.

Love, Sister Hatch :)

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