Saturday, August 29, 2015

Miracles and Success!

August 24, 2015


This week was good! I feel like things are moving in an uphill direction, instead of  downhill. I am thankful for that and hope that it is a lasting better, and not just temporary. It was busy and stressful and I'm glad to start a new week.

After we finished emailing and doing everything last week, we sacrificed an hour of preparation day to go eat dinner early so that we could go to the church at 6pm for John's baptismal interview. We got in the car after dinner and checked the phone - BAD IDEA. John had called and texted to tell us that he was not going to make his baptismal interview that evening. So we went to the church anyway, where the Elders and our Ward Mission Leader were waiting, and gave them the extra ice cream sandwiches that were given to us after dinner. We found a jumpsuit that we thought would fit John and put it aside, and then went out to the car. I was very disappointed and discouraged that he had cancelled.

On Tuesday we went to House of Yaweh again to do service. We packed food into boxes again and I had a good time. Following service we headed home to go on exchanges with the STLs. I stayed with Sister Franks in our area and Sister Wehrhahn left with Sister DuPaix. We had a really good exchange, and I love Sister Franks! She is a really down to earth person, and I was happy I got to get to know her better, seeing as I had only ever met her in passing previous to the exchange. We were able to get 20 conversations, find some referrals for the zone leaders, and just overall had a good day. It wasn't ever forced or uncomfortable. We just went out and did what we know we needed to do. I learned a lot from her. We got to drive to their area to exchange back, and Disneyland is like 20 or so minutes from where they live (the easternmost part of the mission).

Then on Wednesday John was finally able to have his interview. Finally, they came out, and said everything was good! We got to work finding people to give the prayers, talks, etc. and then headed to our Ward Mission Leader's house to touch base and get everything ready to go. The next morning we made phone calls and somehow we were able to get everything figured out without too much hassle. I know that was definitely God's hand helping us out, because there isn't a lot of time between Thursday and Sunday. We kept seeing John as much as was possible all week to help him connect to heaven, and good thing too, because he brought up some good questions and a concern that we were unaware of. Thank goodness for the Spirit and for How to Begin Teaching! 

And of course we were super nervous on Sunday when John hadn't walked in yet and it was time to go sit on the stand (Sister Wehrhahn spoke in Torrance ward). Every time the doors opened I was all eyes trying to see if it was John or not. Then (again MIRACULOUSLY) John walked in when they finished the Sacrament. I was so glad. There were many silent prayers going up to God. Everything turned out nicely, and fell into place just right. We got him baptized, and next week he will be confirmed a member of the church. I am going to keep working hard to make sure that he has good support and that the transition from us to the ward goes as smoothly as possible, because that would be so sad if he just ended up less-active after a while. Hopefully we can help him have more spiritual experiences to add to his foundation of the gospel.

This was the absolute highlight of my week.  We didn't get a picture 
with him in his white suit, but I don't even care. :)

Now the trick is to find new investigators for Torrance ward. We've received a few referrals, but they end up being "out of our area" because they are older than Young Single Adult age. So we send them off and try to find new people to teach. Great fun (she said sarcastically, of course). 

Side note: John has a huge passion fruit vine around his white picket fence and he gave us one to try, and a strawberry guava too. They were different, but smelled good! Besides that, this week was good. We went out with our Young Single Adult  Ward Mission Leader to find a person that the previous missionaries had taught. There were miracles again because the gate to get in to the apartment building was open, and I found where I wrote down the apartment number (I forgot to write it when we planned for him again). Then we were able to find Ryan and have a lesson with him right there! He said it was a sign because everything was going well, and he felt like he was starting to forget God a little bit. That was cool when he said that. I have heard plenty of stories of other missionaries who had this happen and I would think "That is so cheesy - it won't ever happen to me!" But then it did, and we have a new investigator from it! YES!

On Friday I got mail! So many people that have sent nice things. And then there was a huge box full of enough food to last until at least Christmas from you! It was fun to open it up and see all the goodies inside.  All I have to say is that I will be doing better at exercising starting last Friday. . . . ;) 

This is what we ate for dinner the other night. With a Filipino family of all people. I was so excited!!!! I never had one like this is Hawaii, so I made up for it the other night :)

I think that's about it for the week. We are working on getting things rolling with the YSA and maintaining Torrance ward. It is neat to see how if I just keep moving forward, Heavenly Father helps me to keep going for another day. I don't know what I would do without him. I love you and hope you all have a great week!

Sister Hatch :)

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