Saturday, August 15, 2015

New Companion

June 29, 2015


Things are going much better than I had anticipated, thanks to our district leaders coming to give us each a blessing on Tuesday afternoon. I think I have knocked on more doors in the last week than the whole rest of my mission! But my companion is Sister Abreu from North Carolina. Her dad is from the Dominican Republic.   She is just a few months older than me and she went to BYU Idaho for a couple of semesters and now she is here.

We were able to meet some people this week who I hadn't met yet, so that's good. I also spoke in church yesterday, on 48 hours notice. It went better than I thought it would, that's for sure. We have zone conference on Wednesday, so that should be good. I have seen President Weidman a lot lately, which is cool. He told me today he wanted to just give me a great big hug, which made me feel good. He told me a little about what it was like when they got to the mission. He is awesome, and we will have to go to Provo for you to meet him and his wife.

My sweet friend Amy Brown sent me an aloha box! It was awesome! Too bad there aren't any plumeria plants around here!

Things are going well, all things considered. I am doing the best I can to be a good example for Sister Abreu and we are working hard!

Enjoy the fireworks and food for me! I'll be in my apartment weekly planning :|

Love you all- have a great week! Sister Hatch :)

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