Saturday, August 15, 2015

Work to be Done

August 10, 2015

Good afternoon!

This week has been a little hectic and stressful, what with taking over the Young Single Adults and having Sister Wehrhahn join us, but we made it through! Thank goodness.

John came to church yesterday! We were super bummed because he didn't come till right after the sacrament, but then he and his son walked in! This week's appointments with him have been a bit flakey, but hopefully we can keep working hard and he will make his date. He has to come to church one more time in order to make it. That and we still have lots to teach him. But it's all good - it will work out. . . . I hope.

We were at church yesterday from about 9am to a little after 4pm. That was a little rough, especially since it was the first Sunday in our new ward and there wasn't enough time to eat something sustainable for lunch. (We were snacking as much as we could) . I really enjoyed the YSA ward, even though there are not many people that attend. Hopefully we can work throughout the transfer to change that. We have been able to meet with the Bishop and Ward Mission Leader, as well as the ward council. I am excited for the possibilities of what we can do and also for the plentitude of people who want to come out with us. That's always a bonus! It is neat to see the different dynamics of a family ward versus a YSA ward. I was also thinking about things brought up in the YSA that I thought might be useful to the family ward we cover as well.

Speaking of which, the one thing that I was worried about yesterday in particular, is not neglecting Torrance 1st ward. It would be really easy to let it go by the way side, since we have only 1 investigator that is only somewhat solid. But Sister Abreu and I have been working hard to build that ward over this last transfer, so I would hate to just stop working on it. That was one thing the APs mentioned when we called about how to plan and doing key indicators and all that jazz. So we made that a goal as a companionship during weekly planning not to neglect Torrance ward.

Having Sister Wehrhahn has been good. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve with her again. I am also glad that she and Sister Abreu have been getting along so well too. They have both helped me a lot this week, and they are fantastic examples to me. I am excited to make things happen this transfer and get things done. At first I was stressed about the amount of work we need to do, but then I was excited for the challenges and also excited that we have work to do, on improving both areas and ourselves, etc.

We had the wonderful opportunity to go to the temple this last week and do service there for several hours. It was different than being there to do temple work of course, but it was neat to be there to do a different kind of service. It was pretty warm (apparently they shut off the AC's for cleaning- I didn't know that) and we didn't eat for a long time, but I loved being able to help organize and inventory the clothing and things like that. I appreciated the care that was placed in making sure everything was just so, and neat and clean and tidy. I hope I'll have the opportunity to do that again sometime. It sure was a special thing. We even saw the Stake President's wife there as well! Maybe the scheduled maintenance will fall around this same time next year when I will be departing and that will be how I spend my last day. I sure wouldn't mind!

I think that's about it for this week. I am feeling/doing alright and have hopes for the future to be fine. I have things to work on and they will hopefully help me to improve.

Sister Hatch 

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