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August 31, 2015

Happy Monday!

I feel like we were just here last week, but as fate would have it, another week has already come and gone. This week sure was interesting for us, but we've made it through and are glad to be starting another week. We did a lot more driving to places in our area that we hadn't been to before, and found out that it takes a little more time to get from place to place, and we have been working on improving our conversations. Hopefully we'll be able to continue to work on things.

There aren't nearly as many plumeria trees here as in Harbor city - so of course we picked some and took a picture :)

This week we worked with members a lot. There was one day when we had 3 different members out with us! We ended up with only 1 member present out of it, but still we were pretty happy. One was the Torrance ward RS president and it was last minute, but worked out great. That day things worked out just right. Our plans fell into place in such a way that we were able to make spur of the moment changes without it being a problem, because it just improved our plans. That was a tender mercy for sure.

After planning on Thursday we each got a blessing. I had mentioned some things in companion inventory that I have been struggling with. Then in my blessing Heavenly Father addressed every single concern I had voiced. That was an especially neat blessing to me, what with each specific concern being mentioned, and also Heavenly Father letting me know that I'm not doing as awful as I sometimes feel I am. 

Here's the story: (SIDE NOTE: we were traveling North, and the kids we saw were on the side of the street going the other way - South. There were 3 lanes going each way- 6 total. Hopefully that makes sense).  We were with a member headed to a lesson with John (The guy that got baptized last week) and were going down a main road = busy. I saw some kids starting to cross the road on what looked like skateboards or something, so I started to slow down. They were on the opposite side of the road where there wasn't any oncoming traffic so they went. They didn't slow down as they got to the middle to cross traffic in my direction, so I slowed almost to a complete stop so as to avoid hitting them. Then out of nowhere CRASH! We got rear ended. Pretty badly. Like the-car-might-be-totaled pretty badly. It was a 2014 with barely 10,000 miles that we had just put on it that week. *SIGH* Talk about a sad day. So we got out our nifty "What to do if you have an accident" packet and filled it all out and called President, and the nurses, and the vehicle coordinator, and the other sisters for a ride home. It happened at about 8pm, and we got home after 9:30 that night. It was a little ridiculous. BUT THE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT IT WAS NOT MY FAULT. That is all. ;) 

The other lady's car was hit pretty good too. Thankfully no airbags were deployed (surprisingly), and no one got hurt (minus a little whiplash the next day). The other lady was nice about exchanging info and all that jazz, so it could have been a lot worse. 

We've just been without a car for a few days, and will get a loaner on Wednesday morning. (I have never been more thankful for AC!!) We were doing better at exercise too, and of course now that's out the window! HAHAHA! I felt really bad when Elder Hunsaker mentioned that the car might be totaled, because we had just barely put those 10,000 miles on it! There really wasn't anything I could have done differently, but still. Who knows, maybe we'll get a brand new one?? :) Anyways, I'm thankful that it isn't more serious.

There is an upside to the accident story though. We have awesome ward missionaries, and one of the YSA ward missionaries took us out pretty much all day on Saturday. We ate lunch with one of the Bishopric members and his wife, and then she picked us up and off we went. (She is the one that was with us in the accident). We were able to find out that a lot of people from the potentials list we have are gone, but towards the end of the day we found one that is still there, and he became a new investigator! That was also a blessing, because the day before we hadn't had any luck with finding the potentials we had planned for either. So this coming week we will go see Juan and teach him the gospel. Once we had tried to see all of our potentials we took the member out to dinner and got ice cream since it was so hot that day. Thankfully she has a car, so we didn't fry too much!

On Friday we had a really good district meeting. I feel very unified with our district and we communicate with them more frequently, so we are able to talk about the people we are working with during accountability and remember who people are. It was different for me at first, because we have had so much to do and being asked to send in conversations each night and other things like that stressed me out a bit. Then as we have been getting into the hang of it more, we get things done and it isn't so bad. We've started a "game" of sorts to help us with 20 conversations: whoever gets 10 first gets to ask someone in the district what they are thankful for, and whoever they ask sends it out to the whole district. It's pretty cool to hear what everyone is thankful for. Then on Saturday we got blessings again as a result of the accident. That was also a neat blessing, in a different way than the one before. I sure am thankful for the priesthood!

So that's the news of the week in the life of Sister Hatch :)

Love, Sister Hatch :)

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