Friday, October 16, 2015

Columbus Day

October 12, 2015

Dear Family, 

We had a pretty good week this week. We had the opportunity to go do service at House of Yaweh, which we didn't do the week before because we had the special assignment from zone conference.  It is always a good time there, and I love that we are able to focus on something that will benefit those who are struggling physically. I know that the gospel will help those people, but you can't really see it if they don't accept it. So I particularly enjoy going and packing boxes of food for other people. 

Then on Wednesday we had exchanges with the sister training leaders. They told us the night before that I would be going to Bell Gardens with Hermana Perez, and sister Franks would be coming here with Sister Wehrhahn. Bell Gardens is on the far east side of our mission, right in the flight path of all the planes going to LAX. I was a little nervous about going to the Spanish area. I only know how to say a few simple things, like ask for the bathroom, food, money or directions. But that day I got really good at saying "Somos misioneras de la iglesia de Jesu Cristo de los santos de los últimos días!" And then Hermana Perez would take it from there. It was super fun and pretty funny for us too. I bet all the latinos were wondering what the heck I was doing trying to speak Spanish. We ate dinner with an awesome convert family and then I went to their coordination meeting. It all worked out, and I was able to understand more Spanish than I thought I would. I can't say much to people, but I can more or less follow the conversation at least. 

We had a good weekly planning session this week too. We have been really trying to work on what we can do to help our area and our investigators. We have also been working hard to involve the wards as well. We love that the Young Single Adults are so willing to come out with us even though it is super hot outside. It is a little harder to get Torrance members out on days like the ones we have had lately, but that's okay. For them we try to invite them to set appointments if nothing else. Unfortunately we haven't been able to get in contact with those 2 people we set baptismal dates with. :( But that's alright. We are still working hard and doing what we need to. 

At zone conference a couple weeks ago we were challenged to find the tender mercies at 3 different times throughout the day. I enjoy finding the tender mercies during the day. Sometimes I have to think really hard about them, but then, I find one and that gets me started on all the blessings I can find just from that day. One tender mercy happened yesterday at church. A young man gave his "farewell" talk yesterday and the youth were going to sing a special musical number. In ward council the youth leaders mentioned that the youth were going to be sparse that day, since several of them were out of town. So they turned to us (of course!) and asked if we would sing with them too. We said sure and asked what song they would be singing. Turns out they were going to sing the "Army of Helaman" medley that we sing at all of our mission meetings. We thought it would be a piece of cake and went for it. There were maybe 4 girls before church to practice, two of them being us, and I was a little worried because the deacons weren't singing very loud. I was going to be disappointed if it didn't sound like it does when we sing it at our meetings. But then it came time for the special musical number and up walked a big group of people. We started the song and it sounded so good! I loved it. I could feel the power that was behind all of those voices singing those words, and also the power we as God's children have in this world. How cool is it that we get to witness that to the world! Heavenly Father has chosen us to be his army at this time, and I love singing that song as a reminder. 

It has been really hot and I am starting not to believe in the word cold anymore. It is so ridiculous. To make matters worse, the nights are still hot too! And the AC in the Relief Society room is no good, so we have to go somewhere else for Relief society each week. Good grief. The car said it was 104 the other day, and I tood a picture to prove it! 

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Sister Hatch :)

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