Friday, October 16, 2015

Labor Day

September 7, 2015

Dear family,

I'm glad to hear that you all are enjoying your Labor Day. Next year I will too! Haha.

This week was pretty good. After emailing last week we just went home and hung out. I went through some things and tidied up and wrote you a letter. I didn't realize just how stuck you are in a place like LA. But it worked out fine and we got to sort of relax. We got our loaner car on Wednesday and that was good. It had squeaky breaks though. Grrr! At least the air conditioning works well. I'm just glad to have a car at this point. Going from place to place as we need to is nice.

My fast yesterday didn't go quite as well as I had hoped. I tried to drink plenty of water and eat a good meal and all that sort of stuff to help me prepare. I was kind of on my way to not feeling good all day. After church we stopped to try and see a few people, but only made it to 1 before I really needed to eat something. So I broke my fast a bit early and ate something to hold me over until we got somewhere and I could eat something more substantial. I felt bad because I was crabby from hunger and different things (which are not good excuses), but there were things we needed to get done, so I asked Heavenly Father to forgive me and help me work hard. I was especially thankful for the plates we made from the Young Single Adult ward break-the-fast that day. (We made them and then left). We had breakfast burritos :)

Yesterday we were able to go to a baptism for someone from my last area. Her name is McKaylah Tafunai, and she is 9. Back when we were a trio in Harbor City, we went with the Relief Society president to find some people whose records had been sent into the ward. We got to the address for the Tafunai family to find that there were multiple units, but we didn't have a unit number. So I thought "why don't we try at the end and work our way back to the front?" (where we had parked). So we go knock on the door, and there is the family we are looking for. Then they came to church a few times. (Then I left the area.) Then Sister Wehrhahn and her companion started teaching them and then the 3 older kids decided to be baptized! 

Me, sister Tafunai, McKaylah and Sister W

This is the Tafunai family. Left to right: Sister W, Tanya, Andy, McKaylah (the one who got baptized), Me, the twins on bottom are Marcus and Mathias (not sure which is which) They made us candy leis!!!

It wasn't going to be till October, but one of the Zone Leaders is leaving (they took over that area because the wards combined) so they moved it up. And they asked Sister W to give a talk so I got to go too! They had me say the opening prayer ;) Their family sang a couple of songs and it was so pretty! It was so neat because they remembered me! And even gave us candy leis!! I was soooooo happy and glad to see them. I really enjoyed going to McKaylah's baptism. It was cool to see the fruits of my labors in the past. Their family is so awesome and I love them a lot. It is so neat to see how something so small as knocking on someone's door can turn in to something so big. Definitely a tender mercy from Heavenly Father to let me witness that. It went in my special notebook for tender mercies too. 

I think that's about it for this week. I hope you enjoy your day off of school and have a good week! I love and miss you!

Sister Hatch 

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