Friday, October 16, 2015


September 28, 2015

Dear Family,

The miracle of the week is that John finally came to church yesterday to be confirmed!! It was about time. He brought his wife and son too. *whew*

Things this week went pretty well. We went out with members/had member present lessons more this week. One day we had 2 members out for a few hours and we had a new investigator, a couple member present lessons, and 16 conversations by the end of it. That was good. It was a hot day and I think without them we would have struggled a bit. They helped us have deeper faith and get things done. Another day we had another sister out with us and she took us to get a treat afterwards. We were not expecting it, and certainly didn't ask for it, but she insisted that we get an ice cream or something cool. She was really sweet and has a really strong testimony. It was neat to get to know her better.

Us with another Young Single Adult Raisa after she got us a treat :)

The day of the women's conference was really good. We have been working extra hard on 20 conversations, and we went to the church building with 20 already that day. I'm sure we were looking pretty rough, but we did it. I have been very thankful for Heavenly Father helping us these last few days especially. Then that night we were able to stop and see a few people to end our night. The women's conference was really good! I am excited for general conference, and new general authorities.

So that's my story. Besides that I don't have much else to report on. I'm looking forward to zone conference and general conference this weekend.

Sister Lauren Hatch

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