Friday, February 5, 2016

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 18, 2016

Hello dear family!!

This week was pretty good. We were rather busy with different things going on, but all in all, it was good. 

This week I had my 2nd quarter (9 months or so for sisters, even though it is almost time for my 3rd quarter training) training and I really enjoyed it. Although it was really weird to think about the fact that I have already been out for that long. . . Anyways, we talked about the person we are going to be when we step off of the airplane after our missions. It was really good for me to think about what kind of person I want to be when I get home and for the rest of my life. Since my companion for the last 6 weeks is going home, I have had lots of opportunities to think about that. She set a great example for me though, and I am definitely going to do my best to follow her example when its gets to be time for me to go home. 

We have a new ward missionary and he is in charge of transportation. On Wednesday night we had an awesome coordination meeting together with our ward mission leader. We talked about what we can improve on in the ward, and what we can do to help the members and move this work forward. It was good. We have some great ideas and some things that we are going to put into practice right now, not just over the whole year. I am really excited to do some new and different things and see how it helps the ward grow. There is certainly a lot of potential, and we are going to channel that into wonderful new things!! It will be lovely. 

On Thursday we had our normal district meeting and all of those things. Then we went out to see some people before going to dinner. We had planned to meet our recent convert to eat dinner with her and then go do some work in the family history library - things like create an account for her and prepare to go to the temple - then do some other things before the end of the day. But she ended up getting to the temple earlier than expected, so we went early too, and had her out contacting with us!!! It was really great. Sometimes she is very nervous and doesn't like talking to people, so we weren't sure how she would respond when we asked her, but she said "Yes!" and off we went. We went out and had about 30 conversations by the end of the night!!! It was so neat to see how she wanted to come with us and share the gospel. She did a great job at saying hello to people, and we were able to talk a lot with her about missionary work at the same time. I really enjoyed it, and I think she did too. 

Friday was the first of 2 mini-exchanges that I went on this week. I went to Hollywood with Sister Moli and went to their district meeting as well. It was cool to be in another area and see different people. I always enjoy being with Sister Moli - she is a good missionary. We went out contacting after lunch while we were waiting for our companions, and we had several conversations with people, so it was good. Then on Saturday I went to Lawndale with Sister Roy while our companions were at a baptism in Palos Verdes. It was also good to be with Sister Roy for a while. That area is VERY different than the area I am serving in right now, and it is so small! The conversations are not as rushed, and the people are much nicer down away from the city. I also enjoyed breathing fresher air for a while. It is much less crowded down there and not as populated. It was a nice change of scenery. 

Last night we got transfer calls, and I have been called to be a trainer again!! This time I am not nearly as nervous or worried as I was last time. I am more calm and confident in my abilities, that's for sure. It should be interesting to train a new missionary, especially what with all of the changes and things that have happened in the mission recently. It will be a great learning experience, I'm sure. 

The changes I am referring to are that we don't have transfer meeting anymore, and we don't have departing missionary firesides anymore, and the area book planner, and yeah. 

The other night, Sister Baek made a comment that really struck me. She said that I was trunky! I was a bit offended at first, honestly. But then after I got thinking about it, I realized that it is true! (The guilty taketh the truth to be hard!) Having her as a companion and departing missionary brought up plenty of thoughts about home. I am so jealous that she gets to go home and sleep and not have such a demanding schedule, and the list goes on. She is jealous of me because I get to stay here for another 7 months! It is silly really. But I did think a lot about what I think about and not missing things about home to much. The 2nd quarter training helped a lot too. I enjoy my mission a lot more now than I did a while ago, but I do find myself wishing that I could be at home so that I can eat in the car, or sleep in, or whatever. It takes a minute for my brain to kick in and realize that I am supposed to be here and that I am doing what Heavenly Father wants me to. But things are good, and I am working on not being trunky. HAHAHAHAHA!! #thestruggleisreal! 

There are lots of good things in store for this transfer. It will be a wonderful time to be a missionary, there's no doubt about it! Thank you for your love, prayers and support!!

Have a great week!! 

Love, Sister Hatch :)

The sunset as we left the mission office last week :)

This is Sister Baek's first trip to In'n'Out :)

This is Erin, Pisey, me, Sister Baek and Sister Escobar after church yesterday.

We all know how impatient I am, and this is us with our wrappers, after we ate them! #IMPATIENT :D (We get snickers if we get a 10 on our car inspections at zone conference.)

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