Friday, February 19, 2016

Conversations and Contacts

February 8, 2016

Hey Everyone!

This week was kinda long, but still pretty good. We have been doing pretty good at getting our 20 conversations every day, and I have been trying to remember to ask for referrals and return appointments. 

After preparation day last week, the coolest thing happened! We had some people to see around the temple, so after our dinner appointment, we bundled up and headed out! We decided to walk, even though it was super cold and really windy. We didn't get our 20 for that day, but as we were walking on the street just west of the temple, we saw a guy across the street. So we crossed the street to go talk to him. He said he didn't have a lot of time because he was cooking and trying to start his laundry, so we told him that we were the missionaries from that church across the street, and he said "Oh! I've been wondering what you do in that building." We were so excited to tell him about it! We told him about the visitors' center and the church building, he asked what time church was and committed to a return appointment! We also found out that he is here from Brazil doing some sort of internship or something of that nature to improve his English. 

At the end of the conversation he told us that he hadn't had the best day, but because we talked to him, he knew God was mindful of him. It was so great! Then, fast forward to Thursday, and we met him very briefly at the Visitor's Center and showed him the Christus and the Book of Mormon in Portuguese. It was neat to hear it in a different language. Afterwards we went over to the church building and showed him the chapel and talked a little bit about the sacrament. It was really neat, and we had a member with us too! He mentioned that it is pretty hard to be away from his home, friends and family, and we testified that God knew his situation, and that He would help him. I was so excited to find this guy, especially since there weren't a lot of people around, and the ones that were, were not too nice. This was definitely a huge miracle/tender mercy from Heavenly Father, reminding us that He knows who we are and what we are doing right this very minute. He can and will help us with whatever we need Him to. 

Thursday was also a good day because we ate dinner with a member - which I feel like is becoming more rare. . .  - and they made us home-made, authentic enchiladas!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy. I haven't had those in a long time, so it was great. Then we had that cool lesson with our street contact, so all in all it was a good day. It is often the small things in life that made a big difference. :)

This Tuesday we also were also able to go help a lady who moved into the Westwood 2nd ward a few months ago. Her family has lived in that house for a long time, but it was not taken care of well, and has presented lots of challenges for this woman. All we did was paper shelves for a couple of hours, but we also listened to her talk about her struggles and her desire to have the Spirit dwell in her home. We were able to also have a lesson sort of, and that was cool. She bought us lunch afterwards and that was nice. (I felt sort of weird about it though, because we were doing service for her. . . It did provide us with left-overs for dinner though, so that was good). 

I think that's it from here. We get to have a Sisters' training tomorrow, so that should be fun. It is super hot today, so maybe the rest of the week will be too! I sort of missed it, but then again I sort of didn't. Oh well, it is still better than Winslow ;)

Love you!! Sister Lauren Hatch :)

Look what I found the other day!!!  Who knew you could find Winslow in the middle of LA ;)


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