Friday, February 19, 2016

Training, Training, Training

January 25, 2016

Hello family!!

We had transfers on Tuesday and did them a little different this time. Instead of having a big meeting with everyone who was being transferred, we had members give us rides to our new areas and companions. I said goodbye to Sister Baek at the patron apartments and headed down to the Artesia building to pick up Sister Green with a member of our ward. It worked out well and saved us miles. Score!!

Besides that the rest of our week went really well!! We were able to go out contacting each day as we were trying simultaneously to see less-actives and potentials and formers. We were able to meet lots of cool people and make sure we talk to everyone we see. 

I really enjoyed the world-wide missionary broadcast on Wednesday. They covered so much and I was trying to internalize everything and write at the same time, so some things got a bit lost in the jumble, but it was still good! I really enjoyed the fact that it was just for us and what we do as missionaries. It is great to hear general conference and such, but this one was specifically for missionaries!! That definitely made it more meaningful for me and I tried to really pay attention to what was discussed. 

On Thursday we had our trainer/ senior companion training, and I enjoyed that. You'll remember last time I trained back in June, I was SO nervous! This time I was way more calm and just took everything in. Sister Green is very sweet, so it will be a great transfer.

Friday's weekly planning went well. We went through everything and got some good work done!! We planned for a great week this week. 

We had a couple of set appointments for Saturday, but one of them fell through. For the other one we sort of just gave this guy a Book of Mormon and answered a few of the questions he asked us about. At our dinner appointment that night, we saw one of the zone leaders' investigators, because she lives next door to the member we ate dinner with. It was nice to see her for a few minutes. She just talked about how thankful she is for missionaries that help families. That was a neat experience. 

Speaking of that member, he is our ward mission leader, and we had a really good coordination meeting again this last week. We are getting the ball rolling on our ward's mission plan, and it is going to be so awesome!! We have some great members to work with, and several that have reached out to us about working with us, instead of the other way around. That makes me feel good. Hopefully it goes well. 

We had a short, but good lesson with a referral last night. She has a really good heart and we had a member come with us as well. We are going back on Wednesday, so hopefully it goes well!

My favorite tender mercy from this week happened at the end of the night last night. We couldn't find a place to park when we went to see some one from our less-actives list, and these 2 ladies that we saw helped us find a place to park! They were so sweet. One of them stayed to save the parking place, and the other one came looking for us. Originally they had said there might be a spot on the side street, so that's where we ended up parking. But while we walked back to the address, we saw them saving the spot for us. It was so kind of them and I was so thankful for them doing that to help us. There are some great people out there who are so kind, even to complete strangers. It was great. 

By the way, you telling me things about home don't really bother me much, because I read your emails and then go about the rest of the week. Having a departing missionary for a companion is hard though, because that isn't just on Mondays, but rather 24/7. They have their own trainings, temple trip and so forth, so it is harder to put it aside. But it's all good - just part of the experience. 

I think that's about all I've got this week. . . Nothing crazy to report on my end either. Love you and hope you have a great week!!

Sister Hatch 

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