Saturday, August 20, 2016

Crazy Week

August 1, 2016

Soooo this week has been quite crazy. I will have to tell you all about it later. But in the mean time, here is Sister Risenmay's version of the story, since I have been working on my plan and she had time to type - love you!!

From Sister Risenmay:  So then on Friday we went on exchanges with the Redondo 2nd sisters and had a ton of fun! We taught their awesome investigator, had dinner with just about the coolest family I've ever met, talked to all the fancy people in Redondo:) 

Then the next morning we had just woken up when Sister Hatch called us from back in Lawndale. Apparently some sisters had requested an emergency exchange and so we made plans to fit that into our already hectic schedule that day! We drove the Redondo sisters up to a baptism in downtown LA and dropped them off their while we went to talk to the USC Chinese sisters. 

While we were talking to them about some struggles they were having, we got a text from some OTHER sisters that one of them had just gotten bit by a dog pretty badly... not just a dog, a GERMAN SHEPHERD!! It was pretty bad, so they went to the doctor and got that all figured out while we went back to LA, picked up the Redondo sisters, drove them home and then went on the emergency exchange. 

Turns out... one of them had just found out she was going home. And so starting Monday her companion would need a new companion. And you know who the only sisters in a trio were? My companions and me:) And I'm the only one who speaks Spanish. So yep, we got mid-cycled this morning and I'm officially serving in... COMPTON!!

Sister Farnsworth, Sister Abon and Sister Hatch

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