Friday, July 15, 2016

Fourth of July

July 4, 2016

Hello everyone!!

We are emailing earlier than usual today, since we don't have access to the libraries and what not and other missionaries need the church building.

I got an email for this new thing called My Plan that departing missionaries do the last six weeks of their missions to help them transition back into "normal" and keep the momentum from their mission going. I'm going to start working on it next transfer. I'll let you know how it goes.

This week President Haynie and his wife arrived in the mission!! They said the Weidman's were only here for about 3 1/2 hours with them and they were out! I miss them, but the Haynie's seem to be great too. They are from Seattle WA and from what I have gathered, President Haynie was a banker in his early days, then a businessman. So they are here and that's that. There are some things that are a bit different, and a lot of unknowns, but it's all good for now.

Our exchanges this week were with the Hermosa Liahona Sisters. A neat thing she shared with me was her goal for this "charity transfer". (What we decided as an MLC to do to help us and our mission stay focused during the mission president transition). Sometimes it is overwhelming to have a goal to have more charity as a missionary. So she tweaked it and thought up a plan for herself that I LOVED!! She chooses one thing she wants to work on throughout the day that would help her increase her charity. She tells Heavenly Father about it and then commits to it. During the day she works on it and then at the end of the day, she reports to Heavenly Father how it went. I thought it was such a good idea! I tend to get frustrated with myself when I feel like I am not progressing or growing, so I am going to work on doing this same thing. That way I can at least be more accountable to Heavenly Father and have more manageable goals.

This coming week we will have exchanges with the 2 companionships of Chinese sisters. Then on top of that we have Miaaion Leadership Council and Zone Training Meeting. It should be a great and rather busy week. Thank goodness this is the end of the transfer, because I am so worn out! Next transfer hopefully isn't this busy!

Love you all and hope you have a Happy 4th of July!!!! I will finish p-day and be in my apartment by 6pm. :/ But that's okay. We got to go to the pancake breakfast this morning :D

Sister Hatch

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