Thursday, June 2, 2016

Loving Feelings

May 30, 2016

Hello Family!! 

Somehow another week has come and gone, and this time another transfer too!! I don't even know where to begin. . . This transfer has gone by so quick!!!!! I barely had time to blink and then it was over. This next transfer will go equally as fast, because of all the different things that are going on. It sure will be busy and definitely lots of fun too!

I am SO thankful that I have had the opportunity to serve with Sister Perez. She is such a blessing to me, and it has been so much fun to serve with her. We went out and worked even with allergies, hurt ankles, bad days, investigators not getting back to us, and so much more. We had such a good time together doing all sorts of different things and trying so hard each day to do what we needed to do. I am so thankful for her example of enduring to the end, and not only enduring, but enjoying as well. It is a special time to serve with a missionary who is going home. She has had a very positive influence on me, and I can't thank Heavenly Father enough for allowing me to serve with her. I sure am going to miss her!!

Sister Perez sprained her ankle on Tuesday, so we went home and iced it, and I had fun remembering my sports medicine skills. We were able to go do what we needed to, and we iced, had a medicine schedule, and got an ace wrap from Walgreens and she is feeling better now. I was really proud of her working hard even though she is leaving in 2 days. She has definitely served well and is leaving this place better than she found it. 

On Thursday we ate with the Foni family, who recently moved from the Manhattan Beach ward. They made delicious food, and told us a little bit of their story. They are such amazing examples to me of humility and service. They both just want to serve the Lord, and firmly believe that is why they came to this country. They are willing to do anything for us, and LOVE missionaries. Brother Foni used to be the ward mission leader in their ward in Inglewood, and he told us some pretty cool stories about their ward and the things they did for missionary work. I seriously love them already, and they've only been in the ward for a few weeks! This ward is so great, and seems just to get better and better all the time. 

I really love how much I have been able to learn to love people on my mission. I have met so many people here, especially in this ward, because the Spanish and English wards overlap with meetings. And because I have been Sister Perez's companion, I feel like I have also been serving in the Spanish ward as well as English. Everyone who knows her loves her so much, and it is so neat to see the bond between her and the members that she has served with and how the gospel has blessed them all so much. It makes me think of how special it is to run into people from my old areas and see how they have been doing and how they are continuing to press forward in the gospel. I can meet complete strangers in new areas and wards, and the ward members just let me right in to their lives, and it is awesome to see their testimonies and their examples as I serve with them. I love it a lot, and watching Sister Perez say goodbye to so many people made me realize how hard it is going to be to say my goodbyes..... Good thing I still have some time left!!

Sisters Hatch and Perez at dinner with Melyah from the South Bay YSA

Sister Moli and Sister Hatch (Sister Moli's departing temple trip)

Now onward to other things. I am looking forward to this new transfer with Sister Syu. She is in the Chinese program, and I really don't know much about her, but I have come to know and trust that Heavenly Father has me serve with specific people for a reason. I am kinda sad to see my mission president and his wife go, but at the same time, I know that it is that way for a reason. There are things I still need to do here, and I have things to learn from my new mission president too. But I am excited for the miracles and blessings we will be able to see and the great things that are awaiting this next transfer!!

We are super busy today, so I'll catch you up on other happenings next week. 

I love you all a bunch, and hope the first week of your summer vacation is going well!!

Sister Hatch :)

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