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May 2, 2016


This week we had some adventures!! 

Last night at our dinner appointment, I got food poisoning after my fast. :( We went to eat with a super sweet lady in our ward who has only one daughter who happens to be 12 and reminds me a lot of another 12 year old I know ;) I made it through the day okay, but then I drank some water and ate a few goldfish while they were finishing up dinner. It was NOT sitting well, while all of this was going on, so I went to lay down on the couch while the 3 of them ate. After a long while I asked for a bucket and that was that. :/ They were so kind, and took such good care of me. Sister Coplen said "Your mom isn't here, so I'm taking over!" Sister Perez said that her house was the best in the ward for that to happen. Sister Coplen sent me home with Gatorade and a thing of Saltine crackers and we just went home afterwards. We had stayed over and hour since I was sick. I felt bad for going in early. So as I sipped on some Gatorade and ate some saltine crackers we made a bunch of calls and caught up on the 33 conversations we were lacking from the week. That was a tender mercy for us for sure!!
This is Sister Coplen and Lexi, who we ate with when I got sick. 
I love them so much!!

On Wednesday were able to have a new investigator/baptismal date. His name is Bruce and it was really cool because we met him on the street, and as we entered his info into Area Book Planner, another teaching record showed up with the exact same info. We set a return appointment in the street, and when we went back for the appointment, he accepted the invitation to be baptized! As we were explaining about baptism, he mentioned that he had been baptized when he was younger, but wanted to do it again so that he could remember it better and understand what the significance is. We had our Bishop out with us on Saturday to go visit him, but unfortunately he was not there for our appointment. Instead we walked down a couple of blocks to see a part-member family who's son was baptized in November. It worked out really well. He wasn't at church yesterday, so we are going to try to contact him asap. 

Last Sunday we picked up the gift packets from the Saints Unified Voices Presentation, containing a Restoration DVD, Book of Mormon, red marking pencil, sampler CD of Gladys knight, etc., and only had one. We were really confused because it was for the husband of a family in our ward who we thought was a member also. We had tried to contact him through the phone and through his wife, since we weren't sure what the situation was. However we hadn't had any luck. So on Thursday morning before planning we decided to try going to the house during the times indicated on the request card. 

We had just walked across the street and down for a few minutes when we hear "Hello Sisters!" From a car on the street next to us. It turned out to be President Hales, our stake president! He said he was running some errands, and that two sister missionaries out on the street are fairly easy to spot. So we talked with him for just a minute and then he went on his way. It was cool because last Sunday was our ward conference, and he got up and gave a great talk. I enjoyed it because he mentioned that in the California Los Angeles Mission, we have the best missionaries, and that in the Torrance North Stake, we have the best missionaries in the mission. That sure made me feel good!! Our zone leaders are in our ward as well, so that was a nice thing to have the stake president say. I LOVE this ward and this area, and am thankful for the opportunity I have to serve here. Later that week we were able to go and deliver the packet and set a time to come back and practice teaching his family! They are awesome and I'm looking forward to going back. 

Our other big adventure was that after all this happened on Thursday our toilet wasn't flushing properly. . . NOT a fun problem to have. So that night, Friday morning and night, and Saturday morning, we walked down the street to the Spanish sisters' apartment to use the bathroom. Also a HUGE tender mercy that they live just on the next block from us. We were pretty frustrated with the plumber guy too, because we called after it still wasn't working (I tried to fix it) and he never showed up! He called Saturday morning and said a guy would be there in 30 minutes, but 1 1/2 hours later, there was still no one to fix the toilet. So Elder and Sister B came and got it fixed Saturday night, and Elder B is going to file a complaint to the property management. It was kinda nice to go late at night and early in the morning and have a nice brief stroll, but after yesterday I am very thankful that we have a functioning toilet again. 

That being said, I want to thank Dad for addressing his tenants' problems asap, even when it is 6pm on Friday night. I was so frustrated with this guy, and it made me remember the times when he would complain about going to fix things. But I know those folks are thankful, and I am too! 

Besides that not much else happened. We ended up needing to move the exchange we had planned for this weekend, but we do have 2 exchanges planned this week, which should be good. I am looking forward to them. These sisters are some that I don't know as well, so it should be fun. 

Sister Hatch :)

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