Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tender Mercies

January 4, 2016


This week was good. We didn't have too much happen, aside from zone training meeting and church. We have been able to go out and talk to lots and lots of people and try to find new investigators. Our new year was pretty quiet: we had to be in by 6pm and plan, so that's what we did. We also worked a lot on putting teaching records into the iPad for the transition stuff. We have made some good progress. 

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I needed to work on improving my personal study. I realized that it had been pretty self-centered, and not really on things that would help me be a better missionary; mostly just things that I have been struggling with and how I can get over them. Shortly after that we had a great training at the Christmas Devotional about having meaningful/powerful/effective/etc. personal studies. And now we have the fundamentals study in preparation for the World Wide Broadcast in a couple of weeks. Well, I decided to put all of these things together and I have had much better studies in the mornings. I am trying to work on different things from Preach My Gospel and apply them during the day. It has been a little tough as far as the apply part goes, because our teaching pool is pretty empty. However, when we find some people, I will definitely work on the things I am learning. 

On Saturday we had the opportunity to go down to Palos Verdes for a baptism. One of Sister Baek's investigators was baptized, and it was so good to be back down there again! It was a great baptism, and I got to see Sister Ruiz too! The girl was the girlfriend of a kid whose family were returned less-actives, so I thought that was cool. Her name is Allison, and her dad and younger sister came to the baptism too, which I also thought was cool. That ward is great, and they will take good care of her, I'm sure. 

Church yesterday was really good. In our efforts to find people to teach we have also been going through the former investigators, and we found a guy named George. We decided to give him a try and we succeeded in getting into his apartment building!! (Tender Mercy #1) We had an apartment number and were able to find the apartment. (Tender Mercy #2) George answered the door and we had a mini-lesson with him in the doorway. (Tender Mercy #3) He told us he would come to church on Sunday - yesterday - and he actually came!!!!! It was so great to look back and see him sitting there! (Tender Mercy #4) We had a great testimony meeting, and there were some really good testimonies, including one from Anna, an investigator who has a few slight mental challenges. (Tender Mercy #5) We were able to send around a schedule for the members to write their schedule down so we could have them out, but it got stuffed in one of the binders, so only 1 sister signed up. BUT during break the fast, Lindsey Stirling came up to us and said that she didn't see the paper that was supposed to go around, but that she was available during the evenings this week before she leaves on Friday (probably for a tour or something) and if we texted her, she would try to come out with us!!!! (TENDER MERCY #6) It was so great!!! And then of course break-the-fast after church was delicious too. (Tender Mercy #7) Those were all from just one day! We have been privileged to see many others throughout the rest of the week too. Heavenly Father sure does a good job making sure we don't forget about Him :)

Funny story: The power went out this morning while I was in the shower. That was fun. Our bathroom is dark even with the lights on, so then the lights went out and it was really dark! Thankfully it was light enough that I could see though.

I don't have much else to report this week. . . The El Ni~no rains have come upon us, and with them I might buy a rain coat and some spray for my boots to water proof them. With the predicted forecast for the next several days and even weeks, I just might melt! Wish me luck!

I love you and hope you have a good back to school day and week after break! 

Sister Lauren Hatch :)

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