Monday, December 28, 2015

Moving Again and New Companion

December 14, 2015

Hey everyone!

This week was really good! We had transfers on Tuesday and then came back and moved into Sister Olson's home in Beverly Hills. It has been an interesting adjustment, what with a new companion and a new living situation. However, so far so good. We have our own bedroom and bathroom and have some space in the kitchen. Her nephew's dog lives there with her, so we have our very own guard dog. He is a good dog and watches out for us. Her house is a good size. Her family has lived there for many years and you can tell. She is sorta like a walking history book. It is working out well, so that's good. The only thing is that our room is an add on so we have a little electric heater that we crank up whenever we are home. I make good use of my long pants and socks!

We haven't been tracting in a long time. Usually we try to contact less actives that the ward doesn't have any information about. Since the target age group we are looking for are somewhat hard to come by, we just go contacting and try to find new people as we go see less actives. We do get kinda a lot of referrals as well. It is just a toss up with Young Single Adult wards though. We'll see how Christmas goes.

My new companion is Sister Baek, from Korea. This is her last transfer and that makes me a little sad. She is a great missionary and it has been a good week. She is a go-getter and isn't afraid of anyone. I'm afraid last transfer I didn't work as hard as I would have liked. But I have repented and have resolved not to let that happen again. We are going to kick butt this transfer and I am going to try to learn as much as I can from Sister Baek before she leaves. It should be good! We have a few lessons set for this week and hopefully everyone leaving for Christmas doesn't put a damper on our work.

It has been cold this week. Granted cold here is still only 50 degrees, but still! I have been wearing my scarves and leggings under my skirts. Last night it rained and we had to have our recent convert Justin to come jump start our car. We are sitting in the car dealership right now wishing for them to change the battery in our car. We drive a 2014 Chevy Cruze ;) it is pretty funny.

This week should be good. We have a training for the area book and planner app for our iPads = no more paper. That will be weird, but also good, because we will have all of our map information in one place.  Then on Friday and Saturday we will go back down to Torrance for our Christmas devotionals. Sister Baek will be accompanying a couple of elders for a special musical number, so we get to go to both. It should be good. I am looking forward to Christmas.

I hope you have a great week! I am really excited to see you next week over FaceTime! It should be good. Things here are going well and I am enjoying being a missionary. I am so thankful for so much love and support that I receive from you and so many others as well. I love you all very much and am so thankful for you and all that you do for me.

Love, Sister Hatch :)

Me and a cute Christmas tree at a member's house after dinner. We
don't have one, so I wanted to take a picture with this one :)

This is me with Mary and Hayley Bateman from South Bay YSA ward. They
came and attacked me at the departing missionary fireside and it was
so good to see them :)

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