Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mid-Cycle Transfer

June 8, 2015


So we were going about our normal Friday night routine. Sister Wehrhahn was taking a shower and I was tidying up and such, getting ready for bed. Then at about 10pm the phone rang and it was Elder Okerlund, one of the APs. He said that there was going to be a mid-cycle transfer that would affect our companionship. So when Sister W got out of the shower, we called him back and he said that I would be going to Torrance 1st with Sister Montgomery, and Sister Flores (sp?) would be coming from the Visitor's Center with Sister W. So I woke up Saturday morning and packed my bags. We had a shift helping at the Family Search booth at the Palos Verdes Street Fair (think like the fair with all the little booths at the 24th of July in Snowflake, but a lot bigger) and then we headed up to Santa Monica. We did our stuff and then left. So now I am serving with Sister Montgomery in the Torrance 1st ward. It isn't far from my other area - our church building is the one we had been coming to for district meeting. I do miss the people though. And Sister Montgomery goes home in 2 weeks..... So yeah. I am handling it much better than I thought I would, but I am worried about learning everything I need to about this area before she leaves. The crazy thing is that NO ONE KNOWS WHY WE HAD A MID-CYCLE! I'm sure the APs do, and President of course, but nothing was wrong in any of the companionships involved. Its weird but whatever. Heavenly Father knows what He is doing.

One a side note, we have a much newer car in this area (Sister M is the driver, so I get to do the backing - its annoying), and my flash drive works in the car! In the other older car it would only play like 3 songs over and over again, so that makes me happy. :)

This week was good. We were able to get a hold of John, and then I left the next day, of course. But its all good. On Thursday we had interviews with President and Sister Weidman. I guess one of their sons was in town, so Sister Weidman only made it for the sisters, and that's fine ;) We had zone training meeting last Friday, and we should be getting our iPads this Friday, I think.  I am excited to have the WHOLE ENTIRE GOSPEL LIBRARY right at my fingertips. That means I don't have to borrow gospel principles books anymore and I don't have to make room in my bags for them either. WOOOHOOO! Thankfully all of my stuff fit in my suitcases, but I am definitely going to be a pro packer by the time this whole mission thing is over :)

I don't have much else to say... Things are going well and I am doing well too. I can sort of see some progress in myself, which is cool for me. Hopefully I can continue to see that. It will be a busy and interesting 2 weeks with Sister Montgomery getting ready to leave. This morning she said she wishes she was in my place. Silly girl. ;) But as far as time on my mission goes, I am also doing better with that, so don't worry. I am quickly running out of months that I will repeat, which is also kinda cool.

I hope you are all doing well and will look forward to the mail this Friday. I love you!!

Sister Lauren Hatch :)

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