Sunday, November 1, 2015

Birthday Report

October 26, 2015

Hi Family,

I got to experience celebrating my first big holiday as a missionary this last week - my birthday!! It was my "golden" birthday, and it truly was golden!!!! We went out and worked hard and got 20 conversations and had a great day. A couple YSA members even threw a little "party" for me (meaning pizza, cake, balloons, a sign and candles that re-lit themselves: Janay's dad went to buy candles and those are the ones he bought. It was HILARIOUS). It was such a good day. I was a little apprehensive at first about whether or not things would go well, but as the day went on things fell right into place and I was so very thankful. I didn't receive any physical gifts since my box came late, and that was good. I think if I had gotten it on time it would have been a distraction. Instead of focusing on that, I went out with my companion and tried the best I could to forget about myself and get to work. It seemed to turn out well.

The yummy breakfast my companion made me for my birthday.

At dinner/my birthday celebration with Janay, Me (not sure who is between us), Sister Wehrhahn and Nia.

"Happy Birthday to you . . . . "

She blows them out. . . .

Or. . . so I thought. . . (Sister Wehrhahn's face says it all ;) )

And then they're finally out!

***Side note: at Zone Conference this transfer, we committed to pause 3 times a day and point out our tender mercies, then share them with President Weidman on Mondays. So that's what the tender mercies are each week***

My favorite tender mercy for this last week happened on Saturday. We were in part of our area looking for some potentials for Torrance ward, when we came across a man who was struggling to carry his groceries. So naturally we asked if we could carry them for him. Usually people don't let us help them (LAME!), but this man was so very thankful for us coming and offering our help! He introduced himself as Ash, and said it was a miracle that we came. He had parked his car in the street while trying to take the groceries, and was worried that something would happen to his car. He was also really weak from cancer treatments, if I recall correctly. We took his groceries up to his apartment after talking with him for a minute, and introduced ourselves to his mom (or tried at least; his mom is from India and we don't think she understands any English). We walked in and she was standing at the stove stirring some food and dancing while she was at it. We got a good laugh out of it. It was not a coincidence that we were there just in time to help that man. He was so genuinely thankful for our help, and kept repeating over and over how God is so good to us. I couldn't help but agree with him!

Transfers are tomorrow and I am going to be moving to the LA YSA and will be staying at the patron apartments behind the temple, according to the zone leaders. It will be cool to be so close to the temple and everything else.  If I remember correctly, the patron apartments have AC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is definitely a tender mercy. 

I got my birthday box on Friday and it was great! Don't worry about it not getting to me on time. As you read above, it worked out better that way, I think. I was going to ask for it while we were at the mission office last Monday, but I just decided to leave it for Friday. Thank you for putting all that work into it. I really appreciate it! 

I think that's about all for this week. Have a Happy Halloween and keep doing all the good things. I love you all and miss you too!

Sister Hatch :)

We stopped at the ice cream truck.

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